About Us

Persianas Retail is built on market insights, entrepreneurial vision and sound business management. Our knowledge and experience of Nigeria’s evolving retail environment make us the partner of choice for international brand owners and marketers.

Founded as Persianas Limited in 1990, today’s Persianas Group is one of the leading retail property development and asset management organisations in Nigeria.

In 1999, recognising the disconnect between traditional local retailing and the purchasing aspirations of Nigeria’s growing middle and upper classes, plans were laid for the ground-breaking Palms retail development in Lagos.

When it opened in 2004, The Palms Lagos provided a world class retail environment and set the benchmark for modern retailing not only in Nigeria but throughout West Africa.

Subsequently, in keeping with the goals of the Group, additional branches of The Palms have been opened across Nigeria in the East -Enugu, North – Kwara and South-West – Ibadan.

Persianas Retail is an autonomous company within the Persianas Group. We were established to help global and international retail brands enter the Nigerian marketplace in response to the increasing purchasing power and discerning tastes of the Nigerian people.

With our intimate knowledge of the trends shaping the retail landscape, we have established an unrivalled reputation for successfully launching and growing branded retail outlets, products and services across the country.

To become a global brand and retailer of choice in Nigeria which will create growth opportunities for its employees, whilst exceeding our customers expectations.

PEOPLE: Value and respect the individual, our employees, suppliers and customers.

INTEGRITY: To be honest fair and transparent in everything we do.

DELIVER: Talk is cheap, accountability and ownership in everything we do.

  • To be the market leader in retail across Nigeria
  • To be innovative creative and cost effective.
  • To be customer centric in everything we do across all departments
  • To create a business whereby our employees can live better and grow with us.
  • We will provide world class products to Nigeria

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are passionate about corporate social responsibility at Persianas Retail and have a strategic CSR plan in place that we continuously evolve annually.

Persianas Retail supports several charitable organisations and is a long term partner in the Educate the State project. Some of the activities we have been involved with include child scholarship programmes, book drives, annual spelling bee competitions for children and the annual Christmas drive which, over the past three years, has delivered presents and big smiles to over 3000 children.

This year we are proud to be the corporate sponsor for the Bake for Change Development Foundation. Bake for Change is a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation focused on impacting the lives of less privileged children in Lagos State and in particular those within correctional centres and approved schools.

The Foundation’s objectives are:

  • To create awareness and dialogue with citizens and stakeholders in the public and private sectors with a focus on the plight of less privileged children, specifically street children in Nigeria.
  • To ensure access to educational and vocational training facilities for less privileged children.
  • To empower less privileged children through mentorship.
  • To inspire independence and self-sustainability in the lives of the children we work with.